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The 2.4 MW solar power plant was installed by Regen Renewables (Pvt) Ltd. on the factory roof will produce 59.61 GWh in its operational period, offsetting about 21 per cent of CEAT’s consumption of electricity from the national grid and contributing to an omission of 42,326 Tons of CO₂ emissions.

Sri Lanka’s top tyre maker CEAT Kelani Holdings has completed an investment of Rs 475.97 million in a High Tension (HT) metering roof-top photovoltaic panel solar power plant as part of the company’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing operations at its Kelaniya complex.


Regen Renewables (Pvt) Ltd. a registered Solar PV provider with the Sustainable Energy Authority was selected by CEAT after careful evaluation.


Regen Solar  with over a decade of experience has been spearheading the call for the use of sustainable source for energy needs in Sri Lanka.


The 2.4 mW rooftop plant was commissioned by the Sri Lankan Engineers under the supervision and guidance of Mr Champika Periyapperuma CTO of Regen Renewables.


The plant uses KACO Inverters manufactured by KACO New Energy Gmbh – A Siemens Company and 7333 solar panels from Suntech Chian a Bloomberg tear 1 company was used in this project. Regen Renewables is the authorized dealer for both SEAMENS KACO and SUNTECH in Sri Lanka.


A CEAT official commenting on the project implementation  had this to say.  “We CEAT, appreciate the collaborative spirit and proactive approach displayed by Regen team members, who were always ready to address any issues promptly and efficiently. Their professionalism and technical proficiency were evident throughout the project lifecycle, and it greatly enhanced the overall experience of working with Regen Renewables.”

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided: Phase 1: 68 tCO2e (achieved, cumulative); whole project: 4,928 tCO2e per year (target)
People with first-time energy access: Phase 1: 9,717 (achieved); whole project: 400,000 (target)
Industrial Project
520 kW
Country policy alignment
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