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CSR projects



In 2020, Sri Lanka reported 37,648 new cancer cases, highlighting the critical role of the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama, the country’s primary cancer treatment facility. The Cancer Care Welfare Foundation (CCWF), founded in 1982, started within the hospital’s premises. For over three decades, CCWF has dedicated itself to supporting impoverished cancer patients and their families nationwide.


CCWF offers comprehensive support including free shelter and meals for patients and their families in need. Over the years, the foundation has expanded its services to include providing medications, medical supplies to the hospital, and daily necessities for patients.


In 2015, CCWF inaugurated Suwamansala Home, a facility tailored for patients undergoing daily treatments at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. This home is designed to provide comfort and support during their treatment journey.


Furthering our commitment to sustainability and reducing operational costs, Regen Renewables (Pvt) Ltd. installed a 15.26 kW Solar PV System at “Suwamansala Home” in 2023. This initiative ensures that facilities are not only environmentally friendly but also economically sustainable, enhancing the quality of life of the CCWF residents.


Regen Solar provided CCWF with a state-of-the-art Rooftop solar system with Huawei inverter Suntech Mono PERC solar panels. The complete design, installation & commissioning of the system was provided free of charge by Regen basis to ensure the project’s success. The project was funded by a group of generous donors from Sri Lanka and abroad.


Since commissioning of the system, the company has been donating dry rations to CCWF monthly and committed to provide the system maintenance and after sales services free of charge.


In 2020 The Covid-19 pandemic caught the Sri Lanka by surprise, spreading like wildfire and causing fatal illness and economic hardship for individuals and companies alike.


The implications of the pandemic’s spread resulted in widespread socioeconomic disruption, halting supply chains, trade, the ways businesses and organizations access finances and other associated “normal” business activities.


While the ability for the public and businesses to cope rested primarily on government initiatives, which didn’t always work as intended, Regen Renewables kicked in to support the public and also some government institutions.


Infectious Disease Hospital (Fever Hospital), now known as National Institute of Infectious Diseases, was in the fore front of the battle against covid. Despite the limitations, it had a specialized unit established for Covid management.


At the request of the doctors and the management staff Regen Renewable donated seven washing machines to to help the staff to minimize transmission of infections, also for which comprehensive precautions were taken by the staff of the hospital.