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Regen, as you are aware is a Giant Brand in the Solar Industry in Sri Lanka and today we are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Regen which started with just two employees in 2013.


3years ago the Power & Energy Ministry took a very important decision to open up the roof top Solar sector for Net Accounting & Net Plus without which we wouldn’t have witnessed this kind of a growth in the Solar Market in Sri Lanka for which the entire country is thankful. Of course, Regen has a renowned name for high quality Engineering Solutions we provide for life.


Regen’s philosophy is providing customers with a very high-quality Engineering Solution at an affordable price without compromising the quality.


Market is flooded with many inferior standard Solar products. Few years ago, we saw almost 250+ Solar Companies and we are very thankful to SEA to bring in industry standards and uplifting the overall QC process of the industry. Among all these Regen standout as a leader in quality aspect. All material we use for projects are high quality & has a proven track record world over.


To develop our reach better we will be establishing a new Company which to supply high quality material to Solar PV industry in Sri Lanka for the betterment of the rest of the EPC Companies. We will be venturing in to number of new areas in the Renewable Energy sector very soon any all of you will be kept well informed about these very soon.